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The Elder.

Endowed Professor and Chair of Bioengineering at McGill University.

I hold the Chair in Bionanoengineering at McGill, where my research and teaching focuses on the design and fabrication of dynamic hybrid nanodevices based on molecular motors; single molecule diagnostic devices fabricated by semiconductor technology; and the study of the “intelligent” behaviour of microorganisms in microfluidic networks. I am a co-founder and Director of Molecular Sense Ltd, a company that develops technical solutions in the areas of biomedical microdevices and biomaterials. Read more, if you dare.


The Younger.

Entrepreneur, scientist, physician-in-training, sometime explorer.

I am a mathematician, engineer and current medical trainee at Oxford as well as Associate Professor in Mathematics at QUT. I co-founded and am president of Altitude Medical, Inc., a company working to develop simple products to help prevent the spread of infections; and also am co-founder of Molecular Sense, Ltd. and its Executive Director. I’m the founder and co-Managing Partner of Symbiosis Labs, a private investment firm in its inception that attempts to navigate financial markets using strategies “reverse engineered” from living organisms. I’ve taken some very long road trips with my friends.

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We also do some stuff together.

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